One Pimp Avengers is a hip hop infused rock band out of Sioux City, Iowa. The five-piece lineup features Rosario Perez (better known as ‘Rev’) on vocals, Cody Shipp on guitar, Billy Pelchat on bass, Josh Garwood on keyboards and Jake Rains on drums. Their unique style brings together bluesy elements with crunching, riff-laden guitars and flowing synthesizers under Rev’s rap and hip hop inspired vocals. Formed in 2015, they came together to compete in ‘Band Roulette’ at The Chesterfield in Sioux City, a contest in which area musicians are put together at random to form bands. With four weeks to write and craft a performance of four songs, they came back strong and blew the doors off the competition, winning the contest and spawning a strong local following in the process. With diverse influences that include Sevendust, Les Claypool, Rage Against the Machine and a myriad of bands from 90’s era rock, indie, rap and metal, they deliver a sound that could be described as ‘funk punk’ at its core, but there is no denying they’ve created something entirely new and certainly indefinable by current genre divisions. With each member bringing elements of their vastly different musical leanings into the mix, the result is truly remarkable in its originality, even as much as it might be considered a conceptual conundrum: it shouldn’t work, but it does. And the evidence is as clear to their audience as it is to the band members themselves. They’re having a great time, people dig their music and their fan base continues to grow with each successive gig. Their debut EP is set to drop in 2016, and they are having the time of their lives building something that is undoubtedly greater than the sum of its parts.